Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply from the moment the student has submitted and completed the Registration form:

– Our Prices: All our prices include all taxes, and there are no extra costs or “hidden fees”. All lodging prices include all taxes, electricity, gas and expenses. 

– Holidays: classes missed on holidays will be made up for taking additional hours during the remaining days of the week and offering extra activities. This way you never miss an hour of class. 

– Changes of program: Changes of programs are possible before or after arrival without additional costs and any change is always subject to availability. We only request a previous notice of 2 weeks or more. Changes between different services (courses, accommodation and other services), such as substituting one service for another, are permitted only if you change homestay accommodation for classes.

  • Books: Book fees for group courses and private classes are included in the program.

– Airport Pick-Up: If you would like Patagonia Spanish to arrange airport transportation upon your arrival, please request this service when registering for your program. The information about flight, airline, etc, must be sent to us by email at least 7 days before arrival.

– Valid Pricing: Prices are updated every calendar year. Prices are subject to change without further notice and will be confirmed upon invoicing. For current prices, please refer to the Price List on our web site (www.patagoniaspanish.com). 

– Booking and Payments: As soon as we receive your registration form we book all requested services and students will receive an email with all services booked including an invoice and payment procedures. To confirm all your bookings students have to pay a deposit of 50 USD (the remaining amount can be paid directly at the school). As soon as we receive your deposit all your bookings will be confirmed (deposit is non refundable). We do not have rigid deadlines for payment but we recommend to pay as early as possible to assure availability. Until payment is received we are unable to guarantee program availability. 10 days before start date we will send you a Welcome Package via e-mail with all details, addresses, emergency phone numbers, maps, schedule, etc.

– 100% Cancellation Guarantee: If for any reason you decide to cancel the classes before or after start date, you will receive a credit for the remaining classes (unused portion of your language program fees). This credit will not have an expiration date and it can be taken by the student or by any other person authorized by the student who is not currently studying at any of our schools. Also, if for any reason you can not take the credit in one country because you can not travel again in a different month/year, or if you do not have any friend who wants to take the credit, you can take online Spanish classes from your home country. We request a previous notice of 2 weeks or more. Otherwise you can choose to get a refund, according to the next point:

– Cancellations: If you cancel 15 days or more prior to the start of scheduled classes and you have paid the total amount of the program, we will refund the amount of your program, less 15% of the amount as cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 15 days prior to the start of scheduled classes and you have paid the total amount of the program, we will refund the amount of your program, less 25% of the amount as cancellation fee. If you have paid just a deposit: all deposits are non refundable. If you have started your program: no refunds, and you always can take the credit for the remaining Spanish classes according to the previous point. In the event of a cancellation or course reduction, original prices will be applied whether or not the student has opted for a special discount or promotion. For example, if due to the length of the course, the student received a discount at the time of booking, on cancellation this will be lost. All cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing by email. Refunds of payments made by wire transfer will be net of any applicable bank wiring fees.

– Group classes: In the exceptional case that only one student is enrolled in a course in the same level group, the school reserves the right to change a group course into One to One tuition. In this case, class hours will be reduced, usually by 50%.

– Accommodation bookings: we always confirm all accommodation bookings after payment so we recommend to pay as early as possible to assure you availability for your requested dates. Our commitment is to assure you availability so we always pay to the host families and apartments in advance. Students can request a change of homestay or shared apartment, asking for a change by email, informing us the reasons of the change. We will do our best effort trying to fix the problem and/or to find a new host family or shared apartment depending on availability. For private apartments: changes of dates or changes of accommodation option and/or refunds are not allowed.

– Administrative cost: All refunds have an administrative cost of 10%.

– Photography & Filming: Patagonia Spanish may take promotional photographs and video footage of students. If students do not wish to participate, is will respect their wishes if Patagonia Spanish has been notified.