Mendoza is Argentina’s major city in the west. Located strategically along the Andes mountains, it gained importance during colonial times as a transit point for trade with Chile because of the accessible mountain crossing. Even today it is a major transport hub and point of arrival from and departure for Chile.

The climate in Mendoza is rather dry, with humid and warm summers and cold and dry winters. Most of the water used for irrigation of the many park areas in the city and for the famous vineyards around Mendoza comes directly from the Andes.

Mendoza is a major city with universities, industry, tourism and commerce. Apart from the historic sites, many (wine) bars, restaurants and festivals make it an attractive place to visit all year-round. Excursions along the Andes and into the Andes (the Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America at 6961 meters or 22838 feet) can be spectacular: you can enjoy outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, horseback riding and paragliding.

Patagonia Spanish school in Mendoza is the smallest school in our network of schools. Run by one of the very first Spanish language teachers (specifically for foreigners) in Argentina (!), one could call it a boutique school. There are bigger schools in Mendoza, but none where you will be taught so professionally and learn as efficiently. Trust us. And if you want to pass the official SIELE exam, you can do it right there.

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