Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, one of the smallest nations in Latin America, located on the Rio de la Plata, between Argentina and Brasil. More than half of the three million inhabitants of Uruguay live in Montevideo. The legend says that a sailor on Fernando de Magallanes’ ship in 1520 cried out “I have a seen a mountain” (Monte vide eu) when he saw a hill on the opposite side of the bay where the old city of Montevideo is now located.

Study Spanish in Uruguay and Argentina
View from the highest point of the city (“el cerro”) onto the bay and the old city.

You may not associate much with Uruguay except maybe for being two-times world soccer champion or because you have eaten Uruguayan beef back home. Well, here are some the things that got Uruguay into headlines over the past years: the legalization of cannabis, same-sex marriage and abortion, world leadership in renewable energy, cutting-edge software development, a policy of “one laptop per child”, leadership in Latin America for democracy, low corruption, middle class prosperity, income equality, freedom of the press etc.

Montevideo is a great place to discover and spend time. Apart from the obvious historic and tourist references you will find in any Uruguay guidebook, there is a quickly growing restaurant and café scene (described for example by critic Anthony Bourdain here), you can go the local beaches, go running or drink mate on the rambla (beachfront walk), enjoy local craft beers while watching (or dancing) tango … or study Spanish.

Patagonia Spanish in Montevideo is located in the absolute city center (the old city), in a historic building on the main square of the pedestrian area.

Patagonia Spanish is the largest Spanish school in Montevideo and is open year-round, with new Spanish courses starting every Monday. Spanish courses have a maximum of 7 students per group and we guarantee that you will have a Spanish course at your level (even if that means opening up one for you – with a slightly lower number of hours).

Patagonia Spanish’s teacher are highly qualified, have a lot of experience teaching intensive Spanish courses and above all know how to make Spanish classes fun, attractive and successful. Our Spanish school has one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry.

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Study Spanish in Uruguay and Argentina