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Most schools will offer you a list of 23 (or maybe 24) Spanish courses to choose from. You will have the choice between regular, intensive, superintensive, very intensive, combined and certainly a few other Spanish courses. And you can combine these with Tango dancing, Salsa dancing, Business vocabulary, Legal vocabulary and probably also skiing courses.

Experience has shown us that 95% of Spanish students take the same 20 hour-per-week group course and do not want any of the other gimmicks. Our prices for this course vary from 180 to 245 USD, depending on location. Check prices here Learn Spanish in Argentina or reserve here Learn Spanish in Argentina . This course includes extracurricular activities (tours, concerts, social events, movie evening, etc) free of charge and also study materials. There is a maximum of 7 or 8 students per group, depending on location. Courses on all levels start every Monday in all destinations.

Since all of our schools share the same or similar study programs, you can easily combine destinations (and not pay inscription fees again).

Study Spanish in ArgentinaStudy Spanish in Argentina and UruguayWe offer the group course on all levels, from beginner to very advanced and we mean “really advanced”. These courses are built on the European Reference Framework for language and the US American ACTFL standard, which basically means that you move up levels over time and these levels correspond to competencies. A competency is something that you are able to do. In this case it refers to whether you are capable of

  • telling others who you are, what you want, what you do, in the present tense (level A1)
  • telling a simple story that happened in the past, describing habits, asking for information on the phone (A2)
  • expressing desires, doubts, making hypotheses, giving orders and advice, talking about future events (B1)

You can imagine that this is just an extract of what you will be capable of doing and the list goes on (B2, C1, C2). To give you a rough idea: you will pass the A1, A2 levels within 2 weeks of 20 hours, each, so 4 weeks in total. You can just take one week and will have learnt a lot, but two or more weeks really make your stay worth while. And since all our schools work with the same level system, you can just combine destinations without having to readapt to a new learning system.

University credit for Spanish in Argentina and UruguayAnother piece of good news. Pay an additional 215 USD and we will extend a certificate/transcript by a local university that allows you to get university credit (US and European system) back home. Hundreds of students have successfully done this and it is easy because all transcripts come in English with a grade on the international 100 scale.

Should you want courses on special subjects or have special learning needs (let’s say you really do need business Spanish), we will be happy to organize private classes for you. But honestly, group classes are much more fun 🙂

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