Santiago de Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and one of the most modern, safe and booming metropoles in Latin America. With a moderate and dry climate, the city is located in a valley just next to the Andes, opening a whole range of opportunities for excursions and outdoor activities, including skiing in winter, hiking and kayaking in summer and visiting vineyards all year round 🙂

Patagonia Spanish school in Santiago de Chile is located in the neighborhood called Providencia, which is the modern part of the city. It is housed in a beautiful mansion built around 1900, with excellent connectivity to all of Santiago by public transport. Over the past decade, a wide range of restaurants, bars and small theaters have popped up around the Spanish school and it is just next to the famous Bellavista district.

Patagonia Spanish school in Santiago is one of the oldest schools in the region and has been many times voted “best school” in Chile. It has very experienced teachers and is also the Test Center for the international DELE exam in Santiago. Uniquely, it offers language exchange possibilities for its students, where local student studying a foreign language meet international students studying Spanish.

The maximum number of Spanish students per class is 8, but often you will be in smaller classes (except January, February, July which is high season). Students are placed in one of our 8 Spanish levels, which allows us to be precise in matching your skill level.

Our Spanish school offers a free excursion every week and organizes excursions to the Andes, to National Parks or to the Pacific coast and Valparaíso/Viña del Mar, including picnic, trekking, rafting etc. These activities are not included in the course price.

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