Prices / Dates

Courses at all schools start every Monday, all year-round.

All courses have a 50 USD inscription fee which you covers study materials, extracurricular activities, tests, diplomas, etc. If you register for several destinations through us, you only pay the inscription fee once.

Study Spanish in Argentina Chile and UruguayThe price for 20 classroom hours of group courses (one week) in the different destinations is as follows:

Buenos A. Montevideo Córdoba Mendoza Santiago Bariloche
215 USD 245 USD 210 USD 220 USD 180 USD 235 USD
204 USD 233 USD 200 USD 209 USD 171 USD 224 USD

We can also offer individual classes, which vary from 25 to 32 USD, depending on the location. Ask us for more details.

The discounted prices listed require that you reserve by mail/web-form and pay the registration fee at any time before the course starts. It is thus not valid for “walk-ins” without prior email or web-form contact.

To make a reservation, click here Learn Spanish in Argentina


To confirm a reservation you are asked to pay the 50 USD inscription fee. You can pay the rest of the course before or on day 1 of classes. To make the reservation payment, you can send funds from your PayPal account to ours here Learn Spanish in Argentina or pay by credit card to our Buenos Aires school (they centralize payments) here Learn Spanish in Argentina. When asked for a student number, enter PATAGONIASPANISH.


… vary from country to country, but our schools will not let you down 🙂 The lost hours will be made up for during the rest of the week through a mix of additional classroom hours (mostly) and special activities.

Here are the holidays in Argentina for 2019:  January 1 , March 4, April 2, 19, May 1, June 17, June 20, July 9, November 18, December 25.

Here are the holidays in Chile for 2019: January 1; April 19 and 20; May 1st; May 21 ; June 29; July 16; August 15; September 18 and 19; October 15 and 30;  November 1; December 8 and  25.

Here are the holidays in Uruguay for 2019: January 1, May 1, July 18, August 25, December 25.