Our schools

Patagonia Spanish currently has schools in 6 locations in the southern cone, including Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. All schools meet our high academic standards of teaching Spanish and you will find our passion for professional service in all of them. Some are larger than others, especially in the larger cities, but the level of service is the same. All schools are certified by external quality agents.

Our Spanish teaching (and your learning) philosophy is simple. We try to expose you from day 1 to a maximum of learning situations and contexts. All classes are always taught in Spanish, no matter what your level is. We recommend staying with locals in host families to practice Spanish after classroom hours. We offer extracurricular activities, in Spanish, in the afternoons, so that you get to know places and events you would not see as a regular tourist.

Our teachers are fun, experienced and use a wide variety of teaching options. Whenever possible, current events and activities outside of the classroom are included in the program. We are a young team (exceptions confirm the rule…) and will answer your questions within 24 working hours (usually much earlier). While we like emails because they easily document important facts and offers, we are also available on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. if you need additional information or just want to know that we actually exist, as humans and an organization.

For a first contact, use [email protected], please.

Oh. You thought grammar was not necessary for learning a new language? Wrong!

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